A Desk For Mark

Submission Deadline: 19.01.2018

We invite the school community to design a desk for Mark Cousins, a way of celebrating his work as he now turns from 30 years of the Friday Lecture Series towards writing.

Your entry should take into consideration the practicalities of his new office space at 39 Bedford Square, materials and their costs, with a view to being made in the Summer.

Using the attached template email your digital submission to competition@aaschool.ac.uk, or post it to one of the designated boxes in the Reception or the Bar.

A desk can tell a lot about the personality of its occupant, as it both projects and protects its keeper. It is an object that is capable of upending the interpersonal dynamics that take place within the space of the office, a place that bridges both the public and the private. It is as much a place to work as it is a space to receive people. The desk can accommodate for shifts in practice and is the site for the materialisation of these tensions and dualities.